Author :Mei Tian Qiao Jian Pan

I kidnapped the timeline Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:05:00 Latest chapter:Breaking the Cage - Seizing the City When he woke up, Feng Qi found that the world had undergone earth shaking changes. His eyes were covered with bones and his life was withered
[Note: there is a database 300 meters ahead, where you can view historical information. It records the fate and outcome of your premature death in detail. Go and see it quickly.]
[listen to me, don't go west, you may die!]
[seeing the black stone tablet, you decide to go and explore it carefully]
'I don't want to!' Facing the guidance in his mind, Feng Qi protested
[no, you want!]
under the guidance of the voice in his mind, Feng Qi shuttles between the reality and the future, gradually understands the truth of the world and begins to explore ways to change the world
just because I have seen the darkness, I yearn for the light infinitely.
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