Author :Li He

Gourmet master Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 11:58:00 Latest chapter:Nine tooth harrow This restaurant is located in a snack street in Chengdu. It is inconspicuous among many shops on the street. However, once you walk in, you will find that the price of this restaurant is at least 10 times that of the outside
the mysterious signature dishes of this store are limited in supply and need to be reserved in advance. They can't be eaten with money
those who have tasted this mysterious dish will have endless memories. It is said that these dishes have long been lost, and only after the shopkeeper restores them can they be reappeared
it is said that many nobles, celebrities and celebrities are queuing up to make an appointment, but the boss's appointment standard is said to be very strange, and I don't know what conditions can make an appointment
'what? Authentic Sichuan cuisine is mainly non spicy? Are you subverting my impression of Sichuan cuisine?'
a guest who had a hard time making an appointment revealed this information after tasting it.
the non spicy Sichuan food is too high-end to be able to afford the rhythm
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