Author :Guo Pa Fei

After I was born again, I became a lever for my father Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 16:22:00 Latest chapter:Section Exit Yan Qixun died in a laboratory accident at the age of 38 and was reborn as a small peasant girl in an ancient farming and reading home. After a fire broke out in her home at the age of eight, she inexplicably recovered her memory of being a scientist in her previous life. Then she discovered that it was a coincidence that her family had recovered their memories of previous lives
then she found that her dear family members were all big men. The father is ZuLong, the mother is a leader, the eldest brother is the first emperor's Prince, the elder sister is a peerless doctor, the younger sister is lianglang immortal, and the second brother is a direct immortal
Yan Qixun felt that he often did not fit in with his dear family because he was not strong enough. However, it doesn't matter. It's up to you to face up and upgrade. It's up to me to do the farming infrastructure
learning from God says that it's a good day to win.
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