Author :Luo Bo Ye Zi

My plug-in is a fairy grass Serial

Last update:2023-01-29 23:20:00 Latest chapter:Heart thief I have passed through the world of immortality. There are many talents and talents here
young, pitiful and helpless
please give me a plug-in
here comes the plug-in, i... grass
it's really grass. I have to raise a new seedling, water her, find the spirit stone and honey...
even my boy urine...
this is a black history. It can't be said that it will be split by thunder
God, when will she grow up and become my plug-in
(PS: the original title of the book was 'walking along the immortal road'. One day, I suddenly thought of such a name and thought it was very interesting, so I changed it to the present one. The book itself is still a traditional immortal Xia, and the cultivation and upgrading of the book are refreshing. At the same time, I try to build a 'real' world of cultivation. I hope you like it!)
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