Author :Tan Suan Yu Lei

Road survival, I have a prompt system Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 11:44:00 Latest chapter:Strive for Zhang Tuohai When he woke up with a hangover, Zhang Tuohai found that the world had entered a game called 'road survival'
a person, a car, looking for supplies on the road with no end in sight and struggling to survive
here, there are many dangers, and many people died because of looking for supplies
Zhang Tuohai found himself awakened to the prompt system
[there are resources in the material box on the left. Don't move the one on the right. There are crocodiles in it.]
[turn right ahead and the road will collapse on the left.]
[when parking, there is a level 4 material box hanging on the treetop at the roadside, which contains the transformation map of RV.]
when everyone is still struggling to survive, Zhang Tuohai can drive a RV to eat hot pot.
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