Author :Huo Shao Hao Hao Chi

Come as God Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 19:05:00 Latest chapter:Grasshopper Dragon Sky Nest Zhao Ming was exiled to the planet prison - the nuclear waste star. The wild animals and plants were terrifying and dangerous
he has a genetic engineering system, but he regards this place as paradise
the whole planet is an experimental site
screening species, evolving civilization, genetic evolution, and emancipating shackles
a red ant is dignified and calm: 'there are ancient ants before there are days!'
a golden fly fluttered its wings and roared: 'I am called the divine emperor in the East and the first one in the sun!'< br/>
insects, flowers and plants, birds and animals have become the gods and demons of the world
wearing a spacesuit, Zhao Ming stands on the test site, like a God and a Taoist priest, overlooking the ground: 'to truly evolve civilization and realize continuous genetic optimization, we need human guidance!'< br/>
in the human world, someone missed a link on the game forum
'sit and forget in the game, and become a God. Welcome to the world of nuclear waste stars, and take you to understand the true meaning of life!'
be holy in the game, liberate the gene lock in the present world, and evolve stronger
so far, mankind has risen!
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