Author :Xia Chong Yu

Your majesty, mother, she's charming and charming Serial

Last update:2023-01-28 13:09:00 Latest chapter:Sapphire streamer [Shuangjie + strong male and strong female] Wen Huang was born well
the eyes are like water, the skin is like snow, and the eyebrows and eyes are affectionate, delicate and charming
it's a pity that her father sent her to the palace as a ghost
her father was the Prime Minister of the dynasty, and he was ambitious to usurp the throne
The Empress Dowager is not a vegetarian. She asked the prime minister's office to send her daughter to the palace. She was a concubine in the face, but she was actually a hostage
Prime Minister Wen is not a vegetarian, so he turned around and sent his daughter Wen Huang, who was born from the wife of a scum in his hometown. He also claimed that he was the only direct daughter of the prime minister's office
everyone is waiting to see how Wen Huang died
especially those concubines who are jealous of her beauty
in the face of the tiger's den, the strong enemy is surrounded, and the full level leader Wen Huang smiled slowly and waved her hand: Wooden things! I have lived for 6000 years. What haven't I seen? Where is this
empress dowager? Later, I hugged her and called: the mother's baby
concubines? Tong knelt in front of her: empress, please take me
her father? She looked like a dog in front of her mother: Madam, just look at me
as for Emperor Xuan po... Wen Huang doesn't want to mention him
it's not because he is beautiful and too attractive; It's not because he's deep and ruthless
it's because... She has a bad back pain.
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