Author :Fu Bai Ru Xue

Dressed as a charming little lucky bag of nongmen Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 15:23:00 Latest chapter:Gift Through the Future {End the Final} After su Xiaolu died unexpectedly, the fetus was worn out
as soon as she was born, her mother Zhao suffered from massive bleeding and lost her fertility
the milk king immediately shouted: 'this is a broom. You must lose it to me, or you will all get out of here.'
my father Su Sanlang bit his teeth and said, 'OK, then let's split our family.'
she was born and separated
the eldest brother is a fool, and the second brother has burned his brain. Fortunately, the third sister is still normal
the whole village thinks that this family can't survive this winter, but they don't know that Su Xiaolu has space in his hands. The whole family is nourished by the spirit spring every day, and his father never goes empty
as for Su Xiaolu, he studied medicine at the age of three. He planted herbs in the space, cured his elder brother and his second brother. His elder brother was the No. 1 scholar in martial arts, his second brother was the No. 1 scholar in literature, and his third sister became a princess
and she is Su Xiaolu, a famous miracle doctor. The people who want to see her are either the Empress Dowager or the general
it's a good day. The best relatives want to come and enjoy the autumn breeze
Su Xiaolu smiled coldly, closed the door and enlarged the tiger!
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