Author :Hui Bi Shuai Rong

Return to the early Tang Dynasty and become an immortal Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 03:00:00 Latest chapter:Qingwei's big secret is discovered by Cheng Yaojin This book is also known as Tang Gaodao
Kong Qing inexplicably returned to the Tang Dynasty and became a Taoist priest. Then he found that the world seemed to be wrong...
there was an assassin named Yin Niang. There is a part-time killer named kong'er. There is a Kunlun slave named Moli living in Chang'an city
there are gods and ghosts everywhere. It's really dangerous
Kong Qing looked at the merit value on his system panel and sighed helplessly. The system began to draw prizes. I must draw out the nine turn Xuangong
welcome to the legendary world of the Tang Dynasty!
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