Author :Ji Mo Zhu Zi

Douro: Invincible from capturing the goddess Serial

Last update:2023-03-14 23:58:00 Latest chapter:Book of the Goddess, the decision of the women! Luo Yu traveled through the world of Douluo and met Gu Yuena. After millions of years of hard work, he finally became a beast God. He was transformed into a man in heaven. He cast the first God body of Douluo and awakened the twin God level martial spirits against heaven
save bidong and help Zhu Zhuqing get rid of the slag man. Master wants to take me as an apprentice? Sorry, you really don't deserve it
show Tang San with one hand, explode the white tiger with one fist, and kill Tang Hao with three swords... Several years later, Luo Yu swept the Douluo, and the king came to the Wulin hall. He stepped on the abyss, and his sword fingers were boundless
in the vast divine world, who can win a battle
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