Author :Xiao Ji Zhuo Xiao Mi

Tokyo video game tycoon Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:59:00 Latest chapter:Another Trailer Electronic games are one of the important ways of people's entertainment in the new era
however, the Japanese zhuyouxing, who has traversed the parallel world, finds that the game industry in this world is extremely depressed and seems never to have arisen
therefore, zhuyouxing decided to bring the ninth art to the world
'Mom, Super Mario 3 is on sale! This is the Christmas gift I want most!'
'my Zelda is addicted to picking up branches and has no intention to save the princess'
'it is link who saved the princess!'
'ah? Really? All right, Zelda'
'I'm willing to sacrifice my soul, just to protect the fire girl!'
'compared with racing cars, extreme racing is YDS!'
'Tifa is my eternal goddess!'
games never sleep. This is a story that only focuses on the development of the game entertainment industry
(this story is a parallel universe and does not imply any relevant characters. If there are similarities, it is purely coincidental.)
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