Author :Meng Hui Xi Zhao

Honghuang: I'm an iron eater. I'm overheard by the backyard Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:58:00 Latest chapter:Gao Chi runs a family, and black bears are born again in the afterlife (two in one) He crossed the wasteland and became the first iron eating beast in the world. He was bound to the divine salt fish system and was taken as the favorite of the ancestors
rolling means that all cultivation and understanding are floating clouds. This treasure can become stronger when lying down
however, I don't know why. Since that day, the earth has changed
My name is Houtu and I am one of the ancestors
I have a big stupid bear, but I don't know why. From that day on, I can actually hear its voice
[I, an iron eater, love to eat animal milk!]
[I can't even think of this. What are you doing as a zuwu?]
[preach, preach, are you so eager to change your name? Well, the battle of the Lich is imminent. I will move to the netherworld in advance, so that when I wake up, the fight may be over.]
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