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Quick wear: please pay attention to the owners. I'm going to kill you Serial

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other people wear what they want to wear, but only she, Xu Qiao, is not a person every time
it was the first time that she dressed as a little rabbit. Fortunately, it was a world of cultivating immortals. She also had a chance to become a human, so she embarked on the journey of becoming a human. By chance, she walked with a big gray wolf
as a result, she was with a big grey wolf
a rabbit and a big grey wolf are together
Xu Qiao: this configuration is quite outrageous
this is the second time I dressed as a white hedgehog. But who would have thought that I was spotted by a natural enemy and taken away just a few days after I came here
as a result, who can tell her why the owl always feeds her mouth to mouth
you can't take care of cubs like this
Xu Qiao: so I am with the natural enemies again
for the third time, I was dressed as a precious spirit grass, and there was a spirit animal who was particularly coveting the spirit grass.
Xu Qiao: OK, I can guess the ending, so I don't need to go on
the fourth time.
the fifth time
every time, Xu Qiao can be targeted by natural enemies. First, she is fed to paralyze her mind, and finally, she is divided into her stomach and dried
Xu Qiao:
that's ridiculous.
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