Author :Tong Ling Chen

Annual prosperity Serial

Last update:2022-09-22 23:59:00 Latest chapter:Let the little monk go [main line introduction]
Lu Anru: I exist to break unfair rules
everyone booed: you are the biggest bug. It's OK to say
[introduction to feelings]
Lu Anru: the future I want is very simple. It's just that there are you and me in this year's prosperity. No one is allowed to destroy it
people want to ridicule: what is the shameless display in broad daylight
when you see the man behind Lu Anru, the arc of his mouth is like the last mercy of the God of death before reaping his life
all the people could do was to silence the noise: it's too bad. They gave us another mouthful of dog food
(what can I do if I can't beat a man and scold a woman? O (╥ ╥) o)
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