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After rebirth, the second generation of Buddhists is a medical tycoon Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 22:58:00 Latest chapter:the second watch of the night [healing department's warm pet article, this article emphasizes mutual love between men and women, double cleanliness and double learning hegemony]
mother is the movie queen, and father is a famous director. As a rich family, n daining Youguang played a guest role in her father's film at the age of seven. The whole entertainment circle is waiting for her to grow up
is it the top stream when you start
thank you for your invitation
Shengshi beauty has resources, and tens of millions of anonymous bloggers do not want to be a star
be an honest doctor and help all living beings to accumulate merits so as not to die young again
she wants to go to bed early and get up early to raise flowers and cats until she is 100 years old. She will live all the life she has never lived in her previous life
Youguang never expected that she would meet a patient who died too early in her last life and could not be cured - a capital tycoon
Introduction 2:
MA Xia took her half brother to the reality show, and he was distracted
host: 'is it because you are so surprised to see your beautiful sister that you can't speak?'
the younger brother looked at the female star next to him who was called 'beautiful in the prosperous age' and said, 'it's OK. It's only one tenth of my sister's beauty.'
all the people in the hall were shocked, which instantly ignited the entertainment circle and exploded the microblog hot search
my mother agreed: 'my sister is very excellent.'
one day, my sister's photo was accidentally exposed
black fans:
'brother, I won't laugh at you anymore.'
'is this the beauty that human beings should have?'
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