Author :Lian Yun Xun Er

After a private marriage with the devil Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 00:10:01 Latest chapter:Peel off the heartthrob He is an abandoned God who has been expelled from the divine world. Although he retains his memory and cultivation, he will not live to be 24 years old; She is a princess of the divine world who is favored by the divine king. She accidentally wandered into the world and lost all her accomplishments. She became a concubine of the general's residence
because of his encounter in the prison of the divine world two thousand years ago, he never forgot her. In this life, he will protect her no matter what.
'girl, even if my life span is only 24 years, even if I have disappeared from this world, I will still love you.' [unfold] [Close]
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