Author :Wu Shui Yu Gui

I am the king of the country Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 21:00:00 Latest chapter:Monthly Ticket Activity Description In the 14th year of orthodoxy, Zhu Qiyu woke up from a dream and opened his eyes
the transformation of the civil fort has taken place. The three generation elite Beijing camp has been completely destroyed
Zhuqi Town, the garbage of his brother and emperor, is closing the door of Datong mansion
ZHU Qiyu found himself not only defending the capital! Protect Daming! I also want to protect my wife and children
it's cruel to personally supervise the punishment. Is it the king of the nation
if you trust eunuchs to appoint internal ministers, are you the king of the country
is it the king of subjugation to engage in militarism and trust military men
well, I am the king of the country
this book is also known as 'Daming welcomes its loving father', 'my life', 'I will never surrender'
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