Author :Tang Chao Fei Li

Today, the hostess, did she learn to be useless Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 22:02:00 Latest chapter:Becoming a servant for you (49) Yunsi is the first flower on the other side of hell in the world
also known as Manzhu shahua
he is good at ghost fire and can call all ghosts. He is especially good at magic
after encountering the rumored gentle childe Jiuge, she fell into his gentle beauty and could not extricate herself
Yun Si: 'nine songs and nine songs, can I pursue you?'
the young master smiles gently and shakes his head politely
the next second, Yunsi successfully took his hand
Yunsi began to push her feet: 'nine songs, nine songs, can I hold you?'
the childe gently refused again
the next second, Yunsi successfully carried her up
'nine songs, nine songs, I want to kiss you.'
the young master touched her forehead and said, 'girl, please respect yourself.'
the enchanting flower goblin blinked her beautiful eyes and stood on tiptoe
easily succeed
the goblin who did bad things was punished to copy the precepts once
the goblin continued to persevere,
the young man looked down at the hands of the two people, and was gentle and good tempered. 'The girl's family should respect herself.'
'I don't!' The goblin stuck to him for half an inch
she always thought he had a gentle temper
until one day, she saw a woman confessing to him
the woman came forward to get close to her,
the young man suddenly turned cold and kicked her away. There was no more gentleness, 'go away.'
the woman ran away crying
the little goblin who sticks to the gentle childe every day:
why would you be so fierce
How could you be rude
blatant goblins vs outwardly refusing, secretly but infinitely gentle spoiled childe. [love at first sight + two-way secret love]
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