Author :Qiu Mu Chu Xue

The wind blows across the sea Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 00:08:00 Latest chapter:War Saint Monk Pei Fengxian: the divine race was destroyed. The only descendants fled to Qingzhou City in the western regions and joined the Wuwei Taoist sect
after three years, he left quietly and set foot on the road of revenge. He founded a sect in the wild forest and fought alone on the sacred mountain in the western regions. After becoming famous in the first battle, he disappeared
since then, there has been a demon in the world. Ye Canghai line: a thousand years ago, when the flowers of Xihai Dao produced Taoist fruits, immortals and demons were attracted to worship, but the Tianmo sect suddenly attacked and slaughtered monks
during the war, both Xiaoyao immortal and AZU immortal fell. After a thousand years, there was a lust demon in the world. Qinyue line: the flower bearing period of Xihai road is approaching again. In order to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy of a thousand years ago, several major sects joined hands to enter the Tianmo sect and seize the treasure of Tianmo sect
after World War I, the leader of the demon sect and the eldest son disappeared. Since then, there has been a war demon on earth. Why did the ancient period of the rule of divine animals and heavenly demons fall
Why did the ancient times of cultivation decline? Today's world seems calm, but there is a hidden disaster? The three historical backgrounds echo each other, and several story lines are intertwined
a map contains thousands of people. There is the cultivation of truth and enlightenment, and the immortals and Demons dance. There are also children's feelings, chivalrous and courageous.
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