Author :Ke Ji De Mao

The great fool of entertainment from novels Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 12:00:00 Latest chapter:Full time Expert The glorious era is coming! [one sentence introduction]: I originally intended to get along with you as an ordinary person, but in return, I was alienated. I don't pretend. I'm the godfather of culture and entertainment. I'm showdown
[introduction to the final poem]:
I stand up in my thirties to shoot online dramas for my dream
it's too difficult to top the car and the house
people drowned when they were drunk by the river
looking back on this life, it seems like a sad play
but it is worthy of this last - saving one's life
[introduction to the classics]:
drowned in the river to save the drowning children
when Li wanted to wake up again, he returned to the summer when he was 18
with the godfather system of culture and entertainment, he plunged into the parallel world of culture and entertainment
no one expected that the cause of this great earthquake in the cultural and entertainment world was just because of one sentence - 'you can go!'
the stubborn donkey immediately rebuffed the words that were remembered by history - [I'll go, I'll go!]
he is not empty
after all, behind him stands another civilization of 5000 years
'you said it, then I really do!' Li Xiang rolled up his sleeves and pointed out that culture is like a knife - entertainment is like a cake. First, take the net article
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