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Commander, please stay Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 00:02:00 Latest chapter:The crossroads of history The commander is the head of an army. He has a high position and a powerful position. No strong man can do it
at the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the imperial court was corrupt, the uprising in the six towns was in full swing, and numerous well-known governors emerged
among them, governor Er Zhu Rong Er Zhu, who has more merits than Cao Cao and has more disasters than Dong Zhuo, Governor Chen Qingzhi, who swept the Northern Wei Dynasty with 8000 white robes, governor Gao Huan, who made a fortune with a face and a mouth and ate soft food, governor he Ba Yue He Ba, who is well-equipped with both literature and martial arts, and Governor Yu Wen Taiyu, who is low-key and honest
all are heroes
but among these commanding governors, there is also a very different kind of people
there is an unknown Governor Liu. Although he is more handsome than Gao Huan, more powerful than Chen Qingzhi, Bill Zhu Rong is better tempered, more cautious than he Bayue, and more low-key and generous than Yu Wentai
however, it is reputed as the 'crow commander' by people and is despised by various forces because of the fact that whoever dies, falls with whom, and praises who is unlucky
'have you heard that ER zhurong is a world-class talent. Cao Cao has reappeared and is holding a strong army. He is about to ascend the throne and become the emperor.
How about you and I follow Er zhurong to learn from the dragon?'
on the street of Luoyang, Liu Yi kept his promise and bewitched Linqing County Baron Chen Yuankang.
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