Author :Kun Lun Yao Dao

Unparalleled master Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 15:26:19 Latest chapter:The fourth general of the Devil Family The nine stars pass through the sun, and good and evil are reversed. The battle between the Yin priest and the Youdu is imminent, the corpse clan rises, the heaven demons want to invade, the heaven demons surround, and the big demons come
the demons and Buddhas, the immortal sect, the immortal alliance, are ready to move. A hundred ghosts walk every day, demons lurk in the world, children are difficult to deal with, drive corpses away, five immortals in the northeast, and evil roads run rampant Li qiufan, the descendant of the pantheon of Kunlun ruins, went down the mountain to kill the demons and demons with the sword of the Heavenly Master. He was very dangerous and guarded the world.
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