Author :Mao Jue Shi

True records of rebellion in the imperial era Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:45:00 Latest chapter:A great victory Shen Mo, the small boss of the start-up company, passed through the fishy smell of the Hui Dynasty, and the Tartars were rampant. In 1679, when the Han family declined, he became a 'remnant evil' of the former Ming Dynasty
at that time, it was the 18th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty
Wu Sangui, who rebelled again, failed to revolt and died in Hengzhou five months later
Zheng Jing was an incompetent generation. He was defeated and finally retreated to Ryukyu
the rule of the Tartars is becoming stronger and stronger. All the horses in Kyushu are dumb, and the clothes of the Chinese nation are becoming more and more degraded
Shen Mo, who doesn't want to be a servant, looks around at a loss, but doesn't know where to go
fortunately, God played a trick on him, but he opened a door to light and freedom
'Congratulations, you have activated the Empire age system. Please establish your empire age as soon as possible!'
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