Author :Tao Zhi Wen Jiu

After the talent show and variety show, the Xuanxue tycoon dominates the entertainment circle Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 19:29:39 Latest chapter:Learn from people [Xuanxue + talent show + group favorite]
the Xuanxue boss is gentle and turns into a black and red actress in the entertainment circle
in order to make a living, I was forced to participate in a talent show. I was popular all over the Internet with my beautiful and cool appearance. Who would have thought that I was a sand sculpture comedian
debut night, black powder: gentle, your vase is not worthy of debut
gently raised eyebrows: yes? I pinch my fingers and calculate that your seal hall is black. There must be a bloody disaster recently
that night, black powder had a car accident, and the reputation of the gentle God operator spread all over the Internet
the feng shui master cried out to worship her as a teacher, and the movie queen insisted on recognizing her as a sister
the commercial giant knelt down with the money and begged her to calculate Feng Shui
I didn't expect that she was the daughter of a wealthy business family who had been separated for many years
several brothers took turns to spoil her
I don't know when I got into trouble with a top class,
a top class: Bao, please help me calculate when I can marry you
gentle: dear, you are dead.
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