Author :Gan Jiao Ju Li Luo You

Beauty Jianhao came with barbecue Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 12:00:00 Latest chapter:You want to join me?! [Three in one] On the great channel, a warship sailed. On the deck, a white haired woman wore two sabres, one black and one white, one long and one short, and another famous sabre in her hand
looking at the news of the retired marshal in the Warring States period, the general red dog and the general Green Pheasant competed for the marshal, and predicted who would take the vacant position of the general
the woman sighed and whispered, 'it's impossible to be a general. It's impossible for me to be a general in my life. I can't be a overlord. I can only be a dove general to maintain my life.' After that, the woman picked up the big bones and meat on the side, took a bite, and vaguely shouted to the adjutant: 'return! If you continue cruising, you will meet the pirates!'- This is the story of a transgressor on the sea after he got the inheritance of blade shadow, the most accomplished character of toxic milk powder.
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