Author :Mo Si Ke Qian Gong Guo Sha

Exploitation Hollywood, 1980 Serial

Last update:2023-01-29 23:47:00 Latest chapter:The box office at the first weekend does not represent the total box office Hollywood has summed up many formulas... What movies will succeed
however, there are always box office blockbusters that meet the formula.
Ronald Lee has traveled to Hollywood in the 1980s.
can he discover the secret of film success
because he can dream of movie clips he saw in his previous life...
he is good at making high box office movies and winning awards for actors.
he has brought many friends, enemies and confidants to Ronald...
he helps Cameron to invest
changed the script for Akira Kurosawa
filling Tom Cruise's teeth
take Demi Moore to debut
George Lucas,
Francis Coppola,
Martin Scorsese,
rushed to announce that he was Ronald Lee's teacher
Spielberg went to the magic city to make movies,
asked Ronald Lee to introduce the Chinese food turtle Ling cream by name
one of the Hollywood actresses' favorite directors
young people in Japan regarded his MV as a popular guide
women who were raped, I'll see his movie the first day I'm rescued
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