Author :Mo Dai Xuan Fu Shi

Practitioners of the heavens: start with the watchdog Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:59:00 Latest chapter:Wake up the female dean and have a meal before talking Xie Yuan, who is still at the bottom of the world of quality effect, was saved by a system called 'adventure' when a pirate invaded and was about to die. In order to save his life, he had to work as a mercenary in various game worlds to seize the air or important objects for the system. For this reason, he browsed the CTOs system of

Nova 6 of call of Duty 5 and call of Duty 7,
the multi-functional parasite of alloy equipment: phantom pain
the T virus, G virus, V virus, sunflower primordial virus of biochemical crisis 0, biochemical crisis 1, biochemical crisis 3

the alien spacecraft of radiation: 3 / New Vegas / 4, the Great Rift Valley weapons and bionic human technology
the cyberspace of cyberpunk 207
but Xie Yuan also has his ambition. He wants to climb to a higher level of life through this system. Although it is also being used by the system, he thinks that the person who laughs the last is the happiest. Until he finds out the secret of the truth is actually in the Andromeda universe.
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