Author :Bo Luo Jue Bu Shi Feng Li

I'm really a courtier Serial

Last update:2022-12-30 20:25:00 Latest chapter:Final Battle 2 Ning Chen, who came through, found at the beginning that he had only three months to live
the golden finger's wonderful settlement method allows us to go on a road of no return for the sake of life
you are opposed to the long princess being the crown prince
I would rather raise my hands in favor
you said I was corrupt and perverted the law
I'm greedy to be fair and aboveboard
How can 200000 troops win against 500000 troops
I would rather win than give support
Buddhism is merciful and saves the people, water and fire
tear down all these temples for me. They are evil cults and heretics that bewitch the people
as time goes by, people all over the world call me the first wise person, the first sage, and the first...
Ning Chen curses at the people all over the world: you rascals want my life!
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