Author :Mo Guan Lan

The daily life of Dali Temple Secretary Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:59:00 Latest chapter:To feed a tiger by oneself? You are a carefree guest in the Jianghu. I will obey the law to control the world
Yang Qingyuan is willing to be the Secretary of Dali temple, so as to ensure that heaven has a way and all things obey the law
an ordinary homicide case, but a shocking conspiracy was involved
Yang Qingyuan took this opportunity to set off a storm to sweep away evil and get rid of evil in the Zhou Dynasty
to sweep away the evil forces in the Jianghu and the court,
to ban unregistered illegal organizations
heaven has its way, and all things obey the law
the best colleague: Li xunhuan
the best detective: Di Zhiyuan
the best forensic: Song HuiFu
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