Author :San Xing Xiao Huo Long

He knows more about dreams than I do Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:59:00 Latest chapter:The Black Blow War of Ancient Humans Full level game NPCs can see through everything, and their souls cross into the animation world, becoming the master of novice trainer Xiaozhi
when the king of Baiyin mountain meets the master of inverse attribute, the world also begins to change
chi: 'well, why does the world seem to revolve around Xiaozhi?'
Xiaozhi: 'Damn it, as long as I inherit brother Chi's legacy, does Master baokemeng have hands?'
illustrated book: 'di. Human beings just want to have fun. No one understands Baoke dream better than me.'
Pikachu: 'pika.'
Red: '.'
in a word, this is a picturesque adventure
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