Author :Ba Jue

Wuzhiji: reincarnation in charge Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 00:00:00 Latest chapter:baseline The ethereal continent is a world full of vitality. Here, practitioners are everywhere and omnipotent
elixir, martial arts, martial arts, secret arts, these are all the dreams pursued by practitioners throughout their lives
among them, the eight series spirit beads, which are known as the kuibao of heaven and earth, are the most important thing in the world
* it's very abrupt to cross into this world. The chosen people always have the aura of heaven's care
after a life and death escape, he accidentally fell into an ancient tomb and got the amulet iron scroll without accident. Since then, his black angry pupil has become a nightmare that many people can not forget
'final decision!'
'destroy energy pill!'
'great disintegration!'
a fierce and unparalleled martial skill destroyed all those who dared to shout with him, and the world worshipped him
the beloved will leave him forever. From the moment when the blood essence of his heart is scattered wildly, his head suddenly turns silver white
sitting on the snow peak and waiting for the agreement, the black angry pupil has become the most controversial symbol of this era
'it may not be impossible to start over again. Let me reshape the world. I am in charge of all reincarnations...'
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