Author :Chen Mo De Xiang Chang

I have a special talent for cultivating immortals Serial

Last update:2023-01-26 23:45:00 Latest chapter:The essence of wine Other people's talent for cultivating immortality: tianlinggen, special physique, heavy pupil and immortal bone
Chen Jingzhai's talent for cultivating Immortals: card bug
Chen Jingzhai, who is not qualified, suddenly finds that he has the talent for cultivating immortals
you can see the advantages, disadvantages and loopholes of an unfamiliar skill in your hands
during the battle, you can find the weakness of the opponent and directly crush the bug
Special bugs are used in alchemy, which is characterized by large refining volume and high quality
not only in practice, but also in some special situations, he found that he could catch bugs
with the help of this special talent of cultivating immortals, he made rapid progress and left a legend.
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