Author :Jin Xiao Ming Xi

Long live the fairy Serial

Last update:2022-12-09 23:56:00 Latest chapter:arrive This book is also known as 'how can I be so beautiful when I cross the world of martial arts' and 'the leader, you have gone too far!'
Chu Li, a senior game designer, went through the game Xiake Jianghu, which was developed by himself. He became the leader of the evil cult that had not yet grown up in the game, and the red clad female devil that caused chaos in the world several years later
Xiake Jianghu is boundless. There is a Confucian scholar who lives in one country and only says that he can control the world; A monk can become a Buddha in three steps when he travels through the mortal world; A Taoist man takes a breath, and a sword can make the sun and the moon shine; A warrior's Halberd pierced the world and shocked the world for 500 years
born again, Chu Li said that he should practice the most powerful skills, recruit the most powerful (lovely) disciples, drink the best wine and sleep the best bed
in a word, this is the growth history of the female devil head (FOG)!
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