Author :Xi Gua Chi Bu Pang

Survival in Tokyo from yuzaoqian Serial

Last update:2023-01-25 01:43:00 Latest chapter:Fanwaisan: Tokyo 40 years ago (middle) Zhen Haoren traversed the parallel world of Tokyo and became an ordinary high school student, but unexpectedly inherited the Demon power and blood of Nine Tailed yuzao, one of the three demon kings of the island
as long as you wake up your blood step by step, you can become a powerful demon. But he did not have the slightest joy and excitement, only deep fear and worry
'daily news, the spirits removal team of the Taishi Bureau recently broke into the mountains and wiped out the descendants of the children who claimed to be the wine swallowing children of the great demon king.
this is the 20th large-scale demon removal operation this year, and more and more hidden demons have been eliminated...'
the news broadcast on TV made Haoren's hands and feet cold and his neck stiff
this is an age when people are strong and demons are weak. Demons can only hide in the dark and tremble
Haoren only wants to be an ordinary person. However, he has the blood of a fox demon, so he is always targeted by a group of strange demon exterminators
in order to protect himself, he had to persuade them with his own hands
however, after persuasion...
the female eliminator of the Taishi Bureau: the Nine Tailed Fox in silver chaos? Whoa, I'm going to be brainwashed into some kind of container
witch mechanism genius Witch: Damn fox, even if you charm me with enchantment and control my body, my spirit will not yield
British Puritan female Knight: goo, kill me! I don't want to be turned into a doll without self-awareness
this book is also known as male fox demon without enchantment, I really didn't brainwash you, the daily life of victims' paranoia, and I'm not in Versailles
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