Author :Shen Lan Shi Jie

Sign in at the beginning, Tiangang and Disha Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 21:42:00 Latest chapter:Come back alive After crossing the magical land world, he was trapped in the prison and beheaded in the vegetable market three days later
fortunately, there is no way out of heaven, and you can get the golden finger in despair
sign in the prison with deep resentment, get ten years of Taoist practice, and learn the magic powers [Tongyou], [driving God]
sign in the sword tomb, get the Jiazi Taoist practice, and learn the magic power [swordsmanship]

sign in the forbidden area of life, get ten thousand years of Taoist practice, and learn the magic powers [five elements escape], [scattering beans into soldiers], [nail head seven arrows]...
there are immortal giants, righteous Confucian scholars, reincarnated Buddha, and non immortal demons, Charming temptress...
let's see that the south of the Yangtze River, with a green lamp, steps across the mountains and rivers, learns all over the sky and the earth, and finally becomes a road!
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