Author :Qi Huan Xie Shou

Honghuang: all my servants are sanctified Serial

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Lin Ming crossed the wasteland and signed into chaos manor to become the master of chaos
the queen mother of the west, the Taoist priest of heaven, Xihe, zhenyuanzi, Hongyun, etc. all became his servants and maidens, and understood the great road beside him
Lin Ming, who only wants to live in the wilderness, never expected that he would eventually be exposed by a servant
Tongtian sword shocked the world: 'my sword way is not as good as chaos in case...'
the earth behind me: 'the way of heaven is just a mole in front of the teacher!'
Hongjun said, 'Why are there tens of thousands of variables in the world?! is this heavenly way still the one I am familiar with?'
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