Author :Tian Xiao Ni Ni

Dressed as the cannon fodder of Shoufu's family Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 21:10:45 Latest chapter:Heartless After wearing the book, Wei Jiao became cannon fodder for three episodes
the husband who was paralyzed in bed by the original master is the black heart head Gu Yancheng, who will be so powerful in the future that even the male master will look up to
the four skinny and unsightly adopted sons who were abused by the original owner are all ferocious villains
in addition, both the husband and the adopted son are moved to kill her
Xianggong: Wei Jiao, if you want to run away without us, I will make you die
Dabao: Dad killed the bad woman. I'll sharpen my knife
er Bao: Dad, don't be afraid of being killed. I'll buy poison
Sanbao: don't stop anyone. Let me do the digging
Sibao: how about pushing the bad woman down the mountain to feed the wolf
looking at the ferocious family members, Wei Jiao could not help shivering
well, is it still time for me to wash the white?
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