Author :Su Yu Zhu

Give back ten thousand times as much as you can. As a teacher, you never hide your secrets Serial

Last update:2023-01-26 00:18:09 Latest chapter:Are you Ye Feng? Ye Qiu traversed the wild world and obtained a 10000 fold return system. If you teach or give an apprentice something, you can get a high critical hit return
'Ding, you send a marrow washing pill to the disciple, trigger a thousand times critical hit, and obtain a divine marrow pill.'
'Ding, you have passed on ten years' skill to your disciples, triggered a hundred times of critical hit, and gained a thousand years' skill.'
'Ding, you gave the disciple the best treasure Zixia sword. Trigger ten thousand times of critical hit and get a fairy sword Yunxiao.' Disciples: 'master is really generous. He never hides secrets from his disciples. He gives them everything.'
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