Author :Wu Xu

Tokyo female foreign aid of LPL Serial

Last update:2023-01-26 01:51:00 Latest chapter:Mid-term confrontation Rebirth became a Tokyo girl high school student with excellent game talents. In order to realize her dream s6s7, MEIXIA Taogu had to carry (heavy) well (return) away from (old) hometown (hometown), becoming one of the many foreign aids of LPL
'in the eighth final of that year, EDG played FNC, and the final score was 0-4. At that time, I saw clearlove sitting on his chair and sobbing. I will never forget this picture. At that moment, I thought, if I can become an LPL player, I must win all.'
'if you can take this trophy home, it will prove that LPL is the best division in the world!'
'our LPL is really great!' Since then, the LPL has had more taolaf.
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