Author :Mu Mu

The goddess was captured from the Doura Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 23:51:00 Latest chapter:You and I are both Xumen. Are we in a peerless world? Xu ran crosses the continent of Douluo and awakens the invincible sword spirit, the blood of Unicorn and auspicious beast. Wandering between human beings and spirits, he controls the two races and becomes the most powerful and invincible person of Douluo star
hammering Tang San, hammering Tang Hao, hammering Tang Chen, hammering Xiaogang, hammering mubai...
starting from Zhu Zhuqing's fiance, we will sweep the world invincible
Xu ran: I'm invincible. You can do whatever you like
the three grandsons of the Tang Dynasty hid in the corner, hugged together and trembled
land, sea, Terran, ORC, divine world... Xu ran said: invincible, is it so difficult? Group number: 9162934
I have completed the old book 'the beginning of Douluo mainland' with 1.4 million words
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