Author :Bu Ting

My ex husband always wants to rob me and smash me Serial

Last update:2023-01-29 23:55:10 Latest chapter:method After two years of marriage, LAN Xiao was devastated by Fu Shijun. When she was born prematurely and her life was at stake, he was happy abroad with Bai Yueyue
after feigning death, LAN Xiao decided to live for himself, raise children and engage in business. It was a pleasure
until the man found her and forcibly brought her back to the country, she did not know that he had stolen one of his children
it's getting bigger. Ex husband, we're not finished
Dabao: '. My mommy doesn't need to be chased. Daddy, please line up first.'
er Bao: 'I want to stay with mommy.'
Sanbao: 'I prefer Mommy.'
all three cute babies want mommy but not Daddy? That won't do
Fu Shijun smiled: 'in that case, take the big ones home.' [unfold] [stow]
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