Author :Jin Yu

Three Kingdoms: Liu Bei's account, nine to five Serial

Last update:2022-10-15 14:21:58 Latest chapter:Mother wants to marry! 'Big brother, it's not good. Lu Bu has killed him again!'
'big brother, it's all right. Han Ming has made a move, and LV buma has disappeared!'
'brother, it's not good. Yuan Shao sent the literary clowns to attack us!'
'brother, it's all right. Han Ming is... Leading the army of literary clowns to dance the square dance!'
'no... no, it's time for you, and Han Ming is going to leave work!'
Liu Bei:
in the turbulent times of the late Han Dynasty, since there was a big man named Qin Yao, the painting style suddenly became wrong
Fantong Dianwei: I just want to cook with the boss every day
flying general Lv Bu: what's the meaning of killing? Isn't it fragrant for the elderly
prostitute gun Zhao Yun: carrying a long gun, he specially asks for someone to greet him three times
as for the three brothers Liu Guanzhang, please go and invite brother Han Ming to play mahjong
Yuan Shao cried: why do all the loyal civil and military officials under my charge leave me
Cao Cao is full of tears: young woman, it's all mine, mine, woo
Sun Jian stealthily touches it: today is the weekend of the Han Ming Dynasty. I can go out and have a wave
Qin Yao's name has become the most brilliant representative of the times.
Kong Ming: I am inferior to him in terms of military strategy
Lv Bu: I am inferior to him in terms of martial arts
Guan Yu: on loyalty and righteousness, I am inferior to him
Ma Jun: I am inferior to him in terms of invention
Cao Cao: on Jimei, I am inferior to him!
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