Author :Su Yu Mei You Yu

Unlimited game: I love Koi by drawing cards Serial

Last update:2022-09-27 21:02:40 Latest chapter:Blood Clan Line 13 The interstellar circle has entered the era of National Games. The beginning is the werewolf killing. The scene is bloody and violent, very exciting
the only bad thing is that if you lose your life in the game, you will really have a hiccup. Everyone is careful and cautious when playing the game, but Ann Sui is the only one who shrinks in the corner, pinches the pet's neck and shakes it hard. Her face is ferocious
anzui: you should try again
dogzi: no problem, please
then the dog, who was too happy to take off, stumbled on his left foot and hit his head on the burr on the floor. The number of deaths is increased by one.
Ann Sui: don't die. Please let me play a game.
dog: I'm afraid it's a little difficult
is this her SR? Koi's life suffered Waterloo
key: CP! I have CP! I have CP!
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