Author :Chen Hao Hui

Dawn glow Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:03:44 Latest chapter:Battle, standoff outside Nandu City Xingye Empire has always wanted to control Yuanxing. What kind of conspiracy is shrouded in the open and covert struggles between the northern and southern territories, and the intersection of interests among the military, consortia and the government
it seems that a pair of big hands are controlling the collision between the reinforcers of antibody mutation, the mutants of virus infection, the subspecies from the toxic fog area and the drivers of exoskeleton armor
Lin Zihan wants to solve the mystery of his own life, but he doesn't know how to lead him When it comes to the interests of many forces, Lin Zihan sees the dark side of the world and the big hands that control everything. Will Lin Zihan compromise
or choose to break the balance. People around Lin Zihan, such as Xu Qiaoyi of Longcheng, Wang Qin of Dihao, Yan Bing of the Security Bureau, Lin Yafeng who fled, Su Yu, the bar owner, Xu Mo, the killer, and the one who secretly loves Lin Zihan... What kind of road will they choose, and what kind of involvement will they suffer because of Lin Zihan [unfold] [Close]
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