Author :Mo Cha Hong Dou

Tuan Chong's baby milk bag, I'm the most arrogant baby in the whole dynasty Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 16:00:00 Latest chapter:What does Liang Fei mean? [group pet + Koi + space + Vest + food + animal and plant communication ability]
the poor old Fu family finally gave birth to a little girl
then, good things happened one after another
pheasants and hares are sent to the door by themselves, and ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum are picked up by hand
the brothers have also made great efforts. They are the generals of the country, the chief aides of the government, the Royal rich merchants, and the first chefs...
the brothers who can dominate the country have made difficulties, and they dare not stop someone who brazenly comes to steal their hearts
someone smiled proudly and put the jade seal in Fu Chu's hand: 'dear, this is the bride price.'
Fu Chu: 'want to marry me? Line up first.'
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