Author :Ba Wang Xing

Qianlong miracle doctor Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 16:47:00 Latest chapter:The big conspiracy behind it Five years ago, Jiang Yi, known as the king of hell, suddenly lost his voice. No one knows that Jiang Yi is married
after wandering for half a life, Jiang Yi, who thought that he had finally met a shelter from the wind, lived in seclusion in Xiaojiang city. He secretly supported the poor ye family and the white moonlight ye Yanran in his heart, making ye Yanran light in age, successful in business and living in the top place
I thought that the quiet days would continue. Unexpectedly, a divorce agreement from the Ye family mercilessly abandoned Jiang Yi
just after Jiang Yi signed the divorce agreement, the phone he had not heard in five years rang. And the world was shaken by the ringing of this phone.
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