Author :Duan Qiao Can Xue

Harmony Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 12:20:00 Latest chapter:There must be a few left on this trip The way of cultivating gods is ethereal and mysterious; The purgatory is detached from the world and monitors the country; Martial arts prevails in the world and strives to dominate the world; The demon sect is hidden in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to make trouble
the great calamity is coming, the world is becoming chaotic, and the heroes are rising together
Qin Ziling was reborn in a poor young man in a remote county of the state of Qi, and began to repeat a nightmare
the ugly old man, the dragon head and the strange bird, chase and kill for thousands of miles...
How can a fallen and reborn person protect himself in troubled times
until one day, he saw in his dream that a broken finger with a ring fell on a Taoist temple
view the name of Chixiao!
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