Author :Zi Su Yi Ye

After wearing the book, he became the vicious stepmother of seven villains Serial

Last update:2023-04-03 14:28:45 Latest chapter:The third prince is so angry in his heart Wang Xiaoxia woke up and picked up a white fat son. After her brain was soaked with memories that did not belong to her, she found that she was actually wearing a book
I think she's a poison doctor, the second most famous killer in the world. She even wears a novel called the Regent's new favorite, and becomes a top-level female cannon fodder, a vicious stepmother with ugly appearance
the evil stepmother is still a widow. Six villains' oil bottles will be given to her. Drag oil A bottle calculated that she wanted to drive her away, and united the people in the village to trip her up
if she comes, she'll take it easy. In order to live more episodes in the book, she can't kill these little rabbits. It's really heartbreaking...
'stepmother, are you ashamed? Dare to steal a man behind my father's back!'
'stepmother, if you hand over the money, we will let you go!'
'stepmother, you'll never let our father go of you.'
this is an inch's worth. As a stepmother, she must have the dignity of a stepmother, and can only wait on her with a stick. [unfold] [stow]
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