Author :Lian Shuang

Power spoils a beautiful mother Serial

Last update:2023-01-28 08:35:01 Latest chapter:Bear a knife Yu lanxuan ended her life with a self Immolation and snatched a chance of life for her biological mother. However, she did not expect heaven to pity her. She was reborn in the body of Yu juijiao, the daughter of Marquis Xuanping
the building of the previous life has been collapsed. In this life, she no longer sticks to her boudoir, and continues the responsibilities and grudges of the previous life
I woke up my uncle, saved my younger brother, overturned the sedan chair in the street, and the coffin in the mourning hall spilled blood. All my plans were just to protect my relatives, but I didn't think of them It provoked a flourishing black lotus
isn't he a hostage? How come I have so much power? [unfold] [stow]
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