Author :Wo Bu Shi Xiao Hao

Full level of understanding: 60 years of sword watching in the sword Pavilion Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 11:30:00 Latest chapter:Baxiatian Stele, Xianzun Taoist Temple (1/2) Han Muye, who is full of understanding, was reborn in the world of cultivation and entered the Kendo sect. He became a sword watcher who guarded the sword Pavilion
there are 100000 swords hidden in the sword Pavilion. The sword watcher needs to wipe the long sword once a month
wipe the 'green grass' of the long sword to obtain a ray of sword spirit
wipe the 'purple flame' of the long sword, understand the original sword master's sword skill and get the meaning of fire sword
wipe the 'mountain' of spirit sword, understand the sword skills of immortal Jushi, and get the sword power of the mountain
it has been 60 years since Han Mu Ye raised the sword
in the past 60 years,
some disciples have come to ask for swords, and they have been instructed by Han Muye
there was a demon sect saint who came to steal the sword, and finally left in dismay
some swordsmen come to challenge, and lead the broken sword back
sixty years later, the fairy world invaded
the disciple who asked for the sword in those years has become a peerless sword immortal. He will take the sword to the sky to guard the side
the saint of the demon sect who stole the sword was already the master of the demon sect. She only sent a letter to the sword Pavilion and led the demon sect to fight in heaven
as soon as the swordsman who challenged him in those years stepped into the path, his sword spirit soared to the sky
above the sky, the immortal masters suppressed it
in the sword Pavilion, Han Muye slowly gets up. Behind him, thousands of long swords accompany him. The wind of the sword hovers over 30000 Li. The sword means to break through 3000 boundaries
'today, I, Han Muye, hold a sword and look at the celestial gods. Who can enter this mortal world?'
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